Someone asked me today (Thursday) if we are going to focus on 9-11 this Sunday. It’s a good question, one I’ve been pondering, in fact, for some time.

The media is ramping up its coverage, with special news reports and programs reflecting back to that awful day a decade ago. How much will this be a media event, I’ve been wondering, and how much is it really something that captures and demands our attention?

In my reflection on this, I realize anniversaries are significant, and 10 is a significant number. And I realize that 9-11 has shaped our lives in many ways, like it or not. I think it will be on your minds this Sunday—interesting the anniversary falls on Sunday! So, I’ve decided, it would be negligent to NOT address it in the services.

That said, we will not be focusing solely on 9-11. But in each service there will be some references to that day, and I will address or at least refer to it in the sermon.

As we continue to follow the Old Testament sequential readings, we hear the story this week of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea (Exodus 14:19-31), and, you remember what happens to the Egyptian soldiers. Contrast that with the Gospel lesson, in which Jesus speaks in no uncertain terms of the importance of forgiveness (Matthew 18:21-35). How do these texts speak to us on this anniversary?

If you would like to share a thought with me regarding these things, email me . Be in prayer for our nation, for the nations of the world, and for the families who remember loved ones lost on 9-11 and in military service since. And be in prayer that God will help us understand how to think, act, and live as followers of Christ in a very complex world.


See You Sunday,


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