Building Upon Strengths

It’s late on Thursday evening and I’m tired after a long day…but I’m also excited. The church council had an extended session tonight with Dr. Ken Carter, our district superintendent. He led us through a process of “appreciative inquiry,” as we thought about where we have best known God in our church and what our strengths are.

It’s good to celebrate the positives, and to recall all those ways God is at work among us. Long ago, I heard Kennon Callahan say that a church should build on its strengths—the way a football team runs behind its star tackle. The approach Ken used tonight with the council, and the approach the visioning team will use throughout our process, is one of building on our strengths—and they are many!

Next, the visioning team will be planning and inviting you—the entire congregation—to share your thoughts of what our strengths are and how God is calling us to build on them. Watch for those opportunities and be a part! As you watch, pray for God’s guidance for us all.

This Sunday Wilson Strickhausen will preach, and we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper…we come together to the Lord’s table to feast together on the grace God so abundantly provides us and which strengthens us for our living. Be a part of this special day.

See You Sunday With a Friend,


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