End of Summer

End of Summer

            If you think of “summer” as the time between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next—I know, not the scientific definition, but a practical one—then “summer” is almost over. School begins next week! Families are home from vacations!

            The church’s life reflects this definition of “summer.” The summer program has taken place while the kids have been out of school. And what a summer program it’s been! From pig pickin’ to Terrific Tuesdays, from Wacky Worship Wednesdays to Vacation Bible Schools, from youth trips to mini-camp, from Community Impact to Central work day to packing Stop Hunger Now meals, and a whole lot more, it’s been a busy summer!

            “Busy,” of course, is not necessarily good in itself. We can be busy doing the wrong things. Such is not the case for our summer…we have been busy with many, many good things, with programs and opportunities for our children, youth, and adults to learn, to grow, to serve Christ.

            At the forefront of the summer program have been our interns. What a job they have done! They have worked long, hard hours to plan and implement this amazing array of opportunities. And they have done so with great energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to Christ and the church. I can’t tell you how much they have meant to me personally, as well as to all whose paths they have touched.

            Today (Friday), is their last day. They will be scattering, heading back to their respective campuses to continue their educations. (None of them believed me when I told them I’d called their campuses and canceled their fall enrollment so that they would stay with us!) We have heard from most in Faith Sharing times in worship. We’ll hear from another Sunday, and others a bit later when they are home.

            I want to say a HUGE and enthusiastic Thank You to all our interns. You have truly blessed us, and we trust and pray that your work has been a blessing to you and will be a memory that you will carry with you. Our prayers are with you as you return to school and as you move toward God’s wonderful future for each of you.

The interns are:

            Emily Fender & Rachel Sease: Children

            Eliza Sease and Katherine Ray: Youth

            Emily Christopher: Worship

            Grady Wiley: Church Life

            A final word of thanks to Mike Blackburn, who has shepherded each of these young people through our youth program, and then had the vision for and set up this internship program. I don’t know another church that has anything like it!

            This church just keeps amazing and thrilling me!

Your grateful senior pastor,

Sandy Giles

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