Every Member in Ministry (EMIM)

On Sunday afternoon I attended the Voices in the Laurel concert in our sanctuary. These children and youth, first grade through high school, amazed me with their talent, enthusiasm, and obvious love for singing.

Thursday evening I attended the Barham concert in our sanctuary. These accomplished professional musicians brought an outstanding program of organ music and choral music, accompanied by piano.

Once again I am reminded that we are blessed to have a sanctuary of visual beauty and where such concerts can be held. Once again I am grateful that we welcome the community into our magnificent facility for such occasions. Once again I have given thanks for the gift of music, for the ways it can move and inspire us…for the ways it can get us in touch with God.

Musicians perform solo at times, but mostly music is made by those who bring their talents together, work hard together, and produce something more than what one person can do alone. It’s not a bad metaphor for the church. We bring our talents and abilities—in music, or teaching, or administration, or whatever—and together we produce something more than what we can each do alone.  Together we are the church…together we are “the living body of Christ,” strongest when each of us is contributing our talents for the health and vitality of the whole.

On Sunday, Becky Brown, now responsible for our Every Member in Ministry program,  will preach, helping us to think about our response to God’s love and grace through putting our talents to work for Christ and the church. We have recently been thinking about our financial gifts to the church for 2012 (and if you haven’t responded, please do so asap!); now it’s time to think about and commit to our service in 2012.

Of course, I hope your prayers for the church are constant…and I hope you we will be enriched by your presence this Sunday! And, by the way, why not invite a friend (your witness) who is not a regular church goer, but who might find a bit of meaning or hope, direction or purpose, for which we all search.


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