The Lenten Journey

The Lenten Journey

Just last week I was with my 4-year-old granddaughter Lorelei (and our family) in the “Frozen” sing-along show at Disney World. At the end, it “snowed.” That’s right, right there in the theater, it “snowed.” It was wondrous, and Lorelei, like so many young girls today who are enthralled with the whole “Frozen” thing, was thrilled. (“Frozen” is a Disney movie.)

Then we walked outside into the 70 degree weather. It was nice for a few days there, before coming home to a “frozen” reality this week. I think Elsa sneaked into our car and came home with us! My thermometer the last two mornings has been on 0!

This weather has affected everything, including church. We canceled everything on Wednesday, except we moved the Ash Wednesday service to noon. About 100 of you made it, and we began the Lenten journey together with the ashen crosses on our foreheads, the reminder that we are mortal and sinful (and thus in need of Christ), and in the celebration of Holy Communion we were reminded that Christ is indeed “there for us.”

I hope you’ve been reading the daily scripture readings and devotionals from our Lenten devotional booklet “From Rainbow to Resurrection.” If not, you can sign up here to receive them by email, or you can pick up a hard copy at the church. Let’s read and pray together through these 40 days…in doing so, we will grow in our faith together.

This Sunday we’ll be hearing and interacting with two of the scripture passages from your devotional readings (which will be the case each Sunday during Lent). From Genesis 9:8-17, we’ll hear the story of the rainbow and God’s promise/covenant to Noah following the flood. And we’ll also hear from Mark 1:9-15, especially verses 12-13 in which Mark reports Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness. Each year on the First Sunday in Lent we hear versions of this story…last year was Matthew’s account, and next year will be Luke’s. We’ll see what’s distinctive about Mark’s account (hint: remember Mark is always brief and to the point!), and we’ll see if the two passages have anything to say together.

So try to stay warm! Much easier for most of us than for those who live in sub-standard housing, or live on the streets or in the woods. Thank God for the shelter here, and pray for those who have none.

It sounds as though we may have a bit more “frozen” weather tonight, but the rains should come by Sunday and melt everything away. Let’s also pray that in and through our Lenten devotions and disciplines, God will melt the “frozen” parts of our hearts and we will become truly more alive, more the people God created us to be, more like Christ.

See you Sunday on the Lenten journey,


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