My Soul Waits

My Soul Waits

Written on Friday, January 22nd, 2016

When I woke up a little before 6:00 this morning, I looked out my window to see solid white—not only on the ground, but in the air! Even in the dark, the sky was white. Well, this is one time the weather forecasters hit it right. We’ll see as the next 24 hours pass how accurate they are on the totals. I think I’ve seen we could get as much as 20”. As I write this shortly after 9:00, I think we must have about 6” here at the Lake, so I’m guessing some of you up the mountainsides have much more. Those of us who enjoy getting some snow are certainly getting our wishes!

We won’t make a call this early on Sunday’s schedule. It may be one of those Sundays we cancel everything but the 11:00 service, hoping it may be ok for some to get out at that hour. Tomorrow night is supposed to be very, very cold, but Sunday the sun is supposed to shine and the temperature is supposed to reach the mid-40’s. I’m thinking we will have lots and lots of ice early in the day. We’ll put our schedule on WLOS, on the website (, on our Facebook page, and on the answering machine at the church (456-9475). I once had a school superintendent in my church who said that the part of his job he most disliked was making the call whether to cancel or not. I can identify with him! You always make someone unhappy! You don’t want anyone to get hurt, either on the roads or on steps or sidewalks at the church. But then there are those who enjoy getting out and want to come to worship. The call will be made prayerfully, I can assure you.

The psalm I’ve been reading in my devotional book this week is Psalm 62, which begins, “For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation.” I’ve tried to sit quietly praying those lines over and over. It is in silence that I most often meet God, feel nearest to God, receive what I believe to be inspiration from God. No special messages this morning, but it does seem like a good prayer for a snowy day, when we have to abandon some of our busy-ness, rush, and noise. What I love about snow it that it takes us out of our regular daily routine. It falls silently, bringing a certain quality of silence, and beckons us to some silence. Maybe the psalm can be a prayer for you today, too.

The sermon Sunday is supposed to be from Nehemiah 8:1-10 and Luke 4:14-21. In Nehemiah, the priest Ezra stands before the people who have rebuilt Jerusalem and reads the words of the Torah. In Luke, Jesus stands before his hometown synagogue and reads from the prophet Isaiah. This is what they did. This is what we do. Each week myself and others stand before you and read scripture, then (most Sundays) I attempt to reflect on, interact with, and make some sense of the scripture for us today. It’s nothing new. I don’t know if I’ll get to do that this Sunday or not, but I invite you to read these scriptures and listen as they point us toward the importance of and formative power of the Word of God.

So, I hope you enjoy the snow, keep your (electrical) power, and stay safe. We’ll make some decision on the Sunday schedule when we feel we have the entire picture, so watch for that and, above all, be very careful in this great beauty that can also be treacherous.

See you soon!


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