New Teachings

New Teachings

Last Sunday, All Saints Day, was a very special day. I always love All Saints, calling to memory those who have touched my life, and naming those of our church family who have passed on the last year. Listening to the names at all 3 services, I was moved to remember them and the contributions they made to this church, and grateful that somehow we are still linked with them through “the communion of saints.” And, in addition to our regular always-great music, MusicMakers groups blessed us with music in all 3 services. A special day.

 Some 40-50 people turned out Wednesday evening for the end of life issues series, our first session with Dr. Mike Pass of Hospice and Tracy, a Hospice social worker. Follow-up plans will bring a more detailed session on preparing advance directives and living wills. Watch for details later. This week Wells Greeley will join me in talking about the funeral/memorial service. I’ll share perspectives as a pastor, Wells as a funeral director, and we’ll have further discussion on such issues as grief work. You’ll have opportunity to record any wishes you have for the service, and they’ll be kept in the church’s records for the appropriate time. The service is one important component in the grief process, which cannot be avoided or bypassed. Advanced planning can be very, very helpful for the family at the time of death.

 This Sunday we will focus on the Book of Ruth. This is the third Old Testament book that we have dealt with this fall. In September, Becky Brown preached on Esther. In October I preached on Job. Now, Ruth. In a sense, when you look at one of these books you need to look at the whole book, the whole story. They each have marvelous lessons to teach us.

 To me, there are different levels in considering Ruth. On the surface, it’s a nice story, finely crafted, about fidelity and compassion. But, somewhat like an onion, you can keep peeling away layers and going deeper and deeper. We’ll try to do that in the few minutes of the sermon. We’ll be receiving new members and/or baptizing during the services, and Music Makers drummers will be drumming at 8:40!

 See you Sunday!


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