Pastoral Post 10.28.2016

We have had two of our four weeks of the fall stewardship campaign, Giving to Grow.

The first week was more or less an introduction , and this past week we considered John Wesley’s advice, “Earn all you can,” as long as, that is, we do so without harming ourselves or others physically, mentally, or spiritually. I had interesting responses, many people convincing me that Wesley’s words are timely still.

We’ll take this week “off” from the campaign (see below), and on November 6 we’ll pick it back up with “Save all you can,” and then on November 13, which is Commitment Sunday, we’ll ponder, “Give all you can.” We’ve also heard excellent reflections on stewardship and the church from church members. Michael Blackburn, our Director of Ministries, will talk about some of the ministries we hope to build going forward on November 6, and on November we’ll hear from more church members.

Since giving is a spiritual issue, it’s all about “giving to grow” in our faith, and giving so that the church may continue to grow. Our prayerful commitments that we are asked to make on November 13 help us to be intentional about our giving and help the church leadership in their planning for funding mission and ministry in 2017.

This Sunday, October 30, we will celebrate All Saints Sunday. We remember those who have gone before us, whose faith and lives have inspired us and helped us to grow in faith. We’ll name those of our church family who have died during the past year, and we’ll light candles for each of them and one for “those we name in our hearts.” It’s a special day.

At 10:00 this Sunday in the sanctuary we have a special treat, a fall program by our Music Makers children. As we give thanks for the former generation(s) in our worship services, we’ll celebrate with our future generation through music. Over 100 children are enrolled in the program. There will also be choirs from Music Makers in each of our three services. There will be many parents of children in Music Makers here for the first time this Sunday. Let’s be diligent in extending a welcoming hand and make them feel “at home.”

Halloween is days away. Our Trunk or Treat event is an exciting one each year, with hundreds of people stopping by as they make the rounds. Each child receives candy, and each family receives info about the church. We can use more candy donations, and we can use a few more cars. Do you have no trick or treaters on Halloween? Do you miss it? Then call the office and volunteer to back your car into line and help hand out candy!

Many of our Florida friends have migrated south. We’ll miss you and see you next spring. For now, we will be cleaning up pumpkins, placing final pecan orders this Sunday, and picking up pot pies if we haven’t already. We’re moving on toward Thanksgiving and then Advent. How rapidly the time flies! Oh, and make sure your vote your conscience on November 8, if not before.

Be here on Sunday as we celebrate life and God’s love in our midst as we make this journey together!


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