Pastoral Post 1.20.2017

Greetings from Jerusalem! Susan and I are here with 11 others from our church and 13 from Clemmons UMC. After the long flight over, we have spent time in the Galilee, Jesus' home region and location of most of his ministry.

After several days, we traveled south through the Jordan Valley to Jericho and the traditional site of Jesus' baptism. We visited Masada and spent a night in a hotel on the Dead Sea, at 1350' below sea level, the lowest place on earth.

Then it was "up to Jerusalem, climbing some 4000' in elevation in 20 miles or so. Jerusalem, the holy city.  We spent half of yesterday and all today in this amazing place. Tomorrow we will walk the Via Dolorosa, tracing  Jesus' path to the cross.

Our pilgrimage here grows short.  Some will head home Friday morning.  Most of our group will head back to the Jericho area and cross into Jordan on the Allenby Bridge. We will visit Mt. Neto, where Moses viewed the promised land, but could not go over. We will travel south to the stone city of Petra. Then, on Sunday, we travel back to Ben Gurion Airport and home on Monday.

It's difficult to describe the experience here. Although it's my third trip here, it is just amazing to be in these places. I have tried to just soak up the experience more than process it at this point. More time for processing later.

I will tell you we have had a great experience--no problems whatsoever, and no fears. We have had a few sniffles, and one lady from Clemmons had a fall, but we are fine and so very grateful to be here.

We were deeply saddened to learn of Myrna  Roberts' tragic death and have prayed for Larry and family. Pastor Emeritus Garland Young will preach for you on Sunday. Please keep us in your prayers and we will all be home soon.


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