Pastoral Post 12.15.2017

It only gets better…

By: Scott Taylor

After all, that’s what the pastor told me.  He said it plain as day.  “Scott, it only gets better.” 


I’m not sure I believe him.


After all, my daughter was sitting in my lap gazing at our little Christmas tree with all the wonder that an 18 month-old soul can inspire.  How can it get better than this?  Next year, will she have time for such wonder?  Will I?


I just don’t share your confidence.


After all, life is that labyrinthine puzzle of twists and turns and ups and downs – right?  I’ve always taken such comfort in knowing that there are good days and bad days.  That seems to help me justify my own cynicism.


I’m not even sure I want to believe you.


After all, Christmas is only a day long.  Sure, some will say there are twelve days but they don’t really mean it.  We will light our candle and sing of Peace but the Word made flesh will barely be a whisper come tomorrow.  It will fade behind my lack of trust and gratitude.


I am quite sure that you are wrong!


And yet, my daughter is sitting on my lap and captivating me with an innocence that I once knew.


Could I find some Wonder?


And yet, I don’t have to approach each and every twist and turn and up and down that life sends me way with cynicism and suspicion.


Could I find some Joy?


And yet, even this one day of Christmas can mark my true resolution – not just for the New Year but for the New Life – my resolve of trust and gratitude.  Trust in God.  Trust in others.  Gratitude for everything.  Gratitude for everyone.


Could I find some light?


After all, Christ is born to save.  I need but reach out and touch the hem of his cloak – or perhaps his swaddling blanket.


It only gets better…

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