Pastoral Post 3.10.2017

On Tuesday evening of last week the church received an email thanking us for the ways that we, as a church, connect with and serve the community. We assumed that person had eaten pancakes earlier that day, and hopefully enjoyed not only their meal but the hospitality. And a couple of days ago another person from the community pulled me aside and expressed the same general sentiments—she thanked me that our church is so service-oriented, that we have members volunteering and serving throughout the community, that we make a huge impact upon the community. She gushed so enthusiastically that I began to feel a little embarrassed. But I did say, “Yes, I am very proud of the people of this church for all they do.” She concluded by saying, “You should be.”

So once again I am reminded that you—YOU—are the church out there day in and day out, representing Christ and FUMC as the “living Body of Christ.” I am most fortunate to be your pastor, and I am very proud of you! (But I must be careful, as pride is listed as a sin!)

Yes, Pancake Day was an amazing day once again. And then on Sunday at 8:30 and 8:40 we heard from our Music Makers, who blessed and inspired us with their music. (Don’t worry 11:00, they will be with you in a few weeks!) When these children come to worship, some of  them bring parents that do not otherwise attend a church. This is a significant outreach.

The same holds true for our Middle School After-School program. On Sunday night there was a huge turnout for our Winterpalooza event, many of them not members, some of them connecting through the After-School program. This is another significant outreach to our community that takes place on a daily basis.

So, yes, I’m proud and amazed at all FUMC continues to be and do!

We could also point to our Lenten devotions, a project that involves many members of our church family. I hope you’re reading the daily devotions and the daily assigned readings from Matthew, so that we will all complete reading Matthew on Easter Monday. Again, the church working together.

During these coming weeks of Lent, we will read and consider scripture passages from Matthew that are unique to that Gospel. Many stories, for example, are found in all three Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke). A few are found in only one—those are ones we will consider as we read through Matthew and learn its unique passages and purposes.

This Sunday we’ll hear the parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard. (Mathew ton of bricks! Those who worked in the vineyard only one hour were paid just as much as those who labored all day in the hot sun! That’s not fair, is it? What is Jesus trying to get across to his listeners, including those of us 20 centuries later trying to be faithful listeners?

See you Sunday on the Lenten Journey,


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