Pastoral Post 5.4.2018

Praise the Mount…

Written by Scott Taylor

The month of May always brings its own rhythms to my work and my life.  Mother’s Day is right around the corner and is a particularly special holiday in my house.  I start to get in the water again and look for trout.  The school-year comes to a close and is marked by various commencements for us all.  Here at the church we are getting ready for all the concerts and mission trips and wilderness trails that the summer will bring.  The first of these events is really the Music Makers musical this Sunday which marks the end of another year working with children in the arts.

The children are performing a musical about the prophet Daniel on Sunday and I hope all of you will attend!  On Wednesday, we will meet one last time before we pack away all the drums and dulcimers and ukuleles for the summer.  On that day, we will be treated to some music from the high school band and other musicians from our community.  And we will acknowledge the 5th graders in our program who will be moving onto middle school and will no longer be in the Music Makers program.  Some of these 5th graders have participated in the program for six years!

To commemorate this moment in the lives of our 5th graders, we will present them with a wooden plaque.  Traditionally, this plaque has their name engraved on it with other requisite information.  At the bottom of the plaque are words that have been important to our journey together.  This year’s words are familiar to many of us in the church: Praise the mount, I’m fixed upon it; mount of thy redeeming love.

These words from the song “Come, thou fount of every blessing” have shown up in so many places this year for our Music Makers.  Choirs have sung those words.  Dulcimers have imagined those words as they played their first song.  Ukuleles have accompanied those words.  And on Sunday, we will all sing those words with our Music Makers.

And so I am singing those memory-filled words right now: Praise the mount, I’m fixed upon it; mount of thy redeeming love.  I hope every time a student Music Makers looks at the surrounding mountains, they will listen for the whisper of God’s love.  I hope every time a song is sung, they will sing along.  I hope that these words engraved on a piece of wood will be engraved in our hearts.  So be it.

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