Pastoral Post 6.14.2018



Written by the FUMC Summer Interns

Our summer has only just begun and we have already gotten the opportunity to experience this amazing community we have here at FUMC. We have watched the church congregation love on one another, grow, and support each other through the many events held thus far.

-Pig Pickin'


-Community Impact Day

-Running Club

-Gardening Club

-5th on the 5th

-And many more to come!!!

While we all know that our church community is amazing, as church interns we have also gotten the opportunity to experience the community of the church staff. This specific community is a community filled with love, Christ-like servanthood, and support for one another.

Many of us interns have grown up within the church, but it’s only been recently that we have realized the amount of manpower and resources that are needed to make an event possible. Last week we took part in preparing for Bibletimes, which was blessed with the attendance of over 120 kids. While almost all of us had either attended Bibletimes when we were younger or volunteered as youth, none of us could have ever imagined the enormous commitment that comes with making Bibletimes come to life for the kids. We started by attempting to make our Babylonian stage, but it did not take long for us realize that we needed the staff’s support and experience in order to pull this off. The staff was more than willing to jump in and help with our major task of the week.

This willingness to serve opened our eyes as interns to the love and support that is present within this church community. The summer has only just begun and we have already experienced the exceptional passion this church has for being the hands and feet of Christ.

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