Pastoral Post 6.2.2017

This will be one of our busiest most exciting weekends of the year. We begin tomorrow—Saturday—with Community Impact Day. This is our 7th or 8th year of gathering together for a breakfast (prepared by our United Methodist Men—thanks, guys!) and a sending forth to serve throughout our community in local agencies and ministries and even in the environment. Cookies will be delivered to our public servants, mainly police and fire departments to thank them. It’s a great day of coming together, making new friends, and making a true impact on our community. If you have signed up, thanks—I’ll see you in the morning. If you have not signed up but find you can make it, come on to the church at 8:00 in the morning and we’ll find a place for you to serve.

Sunday will be a very full, very special day. At all three services, we’ll meet and congratulate our high school graduates, and we’ll recognize our scholarship recipients. But that’s not all. This Sunday is Pentecost, the completion of the Great 50 Days of Easter and the birth of the church as the Holy Spirit descended upon those gathered in Jerusalem. If you’re not familiar with the story, read it in Acts 2. And come wearing something red!

In keeping with our tradition, we’ll receive this year’s confirmation class into full membership. The full liturgy will take place at the 8:40 service, but the confirmands will be present at the other two services for the congregation to welcome. This is a significant time in the faith journeys of these young people—let’s support them well!

Also this Sunday we will celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion in all three services, reminding us that Christ still comes to us through the simple elements of bread and cup.

Years ago I served as an associate pastor with Julian Aldridge. He had a saying I always loved. When lots was going on, he would say, “It will be holy chaos, but that’s ok. It will be good.” I think of the first Pentecost, and it is clear that it was holy chaos! Wind and fire, followers of Jesus speaking languages they didn’t know. What was going on?!

Well, the Holy Spirit came upon them all, men and women, young and old, and the church was born, energized, and empowered to carry on the work of Christ. I see Pentecost happening in this church, and I’ll spend a few minutes sharing with you the signs of Pentecost I see at FUMC!

 See you Sunday—and wear something red!


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