Pastoral Post 7.27.2018

Written by the 2018 Summer Interns

This summer has been so much fun working at the church. We have all seen God in many places and within many people throughout the church community.  Being at the church all summer and working side by side with the church staff has allowed us to grow as individuals as well as getting closer as a summer intern group. As a whole, we think that going on two mission trips this summer has been our favorite thing. From the interns that went on high school mission trip they found God through re shingling a house for homeless single woman and their children. We were blown away by the high school youth groups commitment to working and their support and love for each other. The interns that went on middle school mission trip were working throughout various locations at a trailer park. We saw God through the team work along with the work effort and love that the middle schoolers showed. Throughout our youth group as a whole we think that every single kid who has gone on a trip or even just showed up to youth has made a huge impact on our lives. Connecting with these kids is special to us because we have been able to relate to them in their youth group experiences because we were once youth as well. Now as adults it is a blessing to work beside them and watch them grow in their faith.  We have all been beyond blessed to have had this opportunity to work at this church this summer. We will all be taking these summer experiences with us when we return to school in the fall.

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