Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday

In the ebb and flow of congregational life, no two days are the same. I’ve always said one thing I like about being a pastor is that it never gets routine and boring! From this past Saturday through Tuesday, we celebrated the lives of four members of our church family, one each day. What an unusual number of deaths so close together. I sometimes ponder why things come in bunches, or the fact that “when it rains, it pours.” Life is just like that sometimes. Please pray for the families who have lost loved ones.

A lot is going on this weekend. It’s Memorial Day weekend, of course, and I know some of you will be scattered to the winds. If you are traveling, be safe! And don’t forget to pause along the way and give thanks to God for many blessings,

I’m afraid we often forget the meaning of holidays. We are in a rush to go where we’re going, to do what we’re doing, and we forget. This weekend, recall that the purpose of the holiday is to remember and give thanks for those who have given their lives in defense of our country. A prayer of thanksgiving for them and a prayer for their families is in order, isn’t it? If you have a family member who gave their life, tells stories about that person and remember them with gratitude.

And this Sunday is a major festival of the Christian year—Pentecost. We sometimes have shied away from Pentecost…it sounds so, well, Pentecostal! But consider that Pentecost, along with Epiphany and Easter, is among the oldest celebrations of the Christian church.

Once again we’ll hear the story of the followers of Jesus, 50 days after his death, gathered prayerfully in Jerusalem, and the sound of wind and the vision of fire and the church was born. It was the Holy Spirit which came at Pentecost, just as Jesus had promised…the same Spirit that had moved across the face of the waters in Creation, had empowered prophets, had come upon Jesus as a descending dove at his baptism. Now, this mysterious, powerful presence comes upon the church and empowers it to go into the world to be the Body of Christ. If you’re in town, please be here! Bring a friend who would not otherwise be in church. And wear something RED!

See you Sunday…wearing RED!




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