The Place of Love

The Place of Love

Our Music Makers program had a grand celebration on Wednesday, with pizza and games and much fun and excitement. And well they should, for they have completed a fantastic year of music and learning. We saw the fruits of much hard work on the part of many people last Sunday in the presentation of “Floodlight,” as we heard the story of Noah and the flood with new ears, with sounds of building and animals and the great storm and the beautiful sounds of children’s voices.

I am always amazed to watch the children. They are so engaged. They are not just going through the motions, but they are giving their all. They have enriched all three of our worship services throughout the year.

I believe this program will make a significant impact on these children’s understanding of God and church and what it means to be part of church. It will enrich their worship experience for the rest of their lives. And may even encourage some to pursue music seriously.

Some 70 children have been part of this. Almost as many adults have, too, from, teaching the classes to tutoring with homework and monitoring the halls. Many thanks to our staff and faithful volunteers who have been part of this. I can’t wait to see what they do next year!

Sunday afternoon was another special music event with the Community Chorus Concert in our sanctuary. Once again I was pleased to see so many people from our community coming to our building for the many rehearsals and to the full sanctuary for the program. Once again, we have opened our doors to the community. And that happens regularly this time of year with many public school concerts. This is one way we fulfill our mission to “engage the world.”

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and the Festival of the Christian Home. We’ll think about what makes a family. We’ll celebrate the goodness of family, remembering that, for some, and for various reasons, this is a difficult day.

Did you know that Mother’s Day was begun in 1908 by a Methodist laywoman named Anna Jarvis? For a brief and fascinating video, click here. Hint: Ms. Jarvis would not approve of the commercialization of Mother’s Day, and she would want me to tell you to make your own Mother’s Day card or letter, or at least write a personal note on your card!

On a personal note, thanks again for your concerns and prayers for our new grandson Rowan. He is gaining weight and has been moved from “big Duke” to Duke Regional, the old Durham Regional, where he has the same doctors. We expect him to be there several more weeks before going home. Your prayers and kind words mean so much to us.

So pause during this weekend to remember and be thankful for those in your life who have loved you. Tell God thank you. Tell them thank you. And come to worship to continue that thanks, to seek healing where there is hurt, and to connect with those who love you within the church family. And bring someone with you who could use a little love.

See you Sunday at the place of Love,


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