Sharing the Lenten Journey

Last Sunday we were relieved that the weather forecast for Pancake Day, which had looked a bit scary a day or two earlier, had improved. It looked good. Then, the forecast began to take on a more sinister tone. Snow…..inches of it, predicted. You folks up on the mountainsides have had significant snowfall at times, but here in the valley we haven’t had a significant snow since…..well, when was it? We’ve had so many dustings and light snows without significant accumulation that I can’t remember the last “real” snow. I like to have at least a couple “real” snows each winter…..but not on Pancake Day. But, as you’ve realized by now, I don’t have control over such things.

Well, it came, didn’t it? What did we have, maybe 4” around here? Nevertheless, our faithful Pancake Corps (as I like to call them) were up in the wee hours, then here preparing for Pancake Day. What else could/would they do? At 6:30 they, of course, served the first pancake.

I got here a bit later to find quite a few folks enjoying their buttermilks and buckwheats. Not as many as usual, but a respectable number. Some of the volunteers couldn’t make it, but plenty did. As the day went on, the numbers increased. At lunchtime the room was full. They kept coming all day, and late in the day the room was full again with the familiar line out the door. The numbers went down a bit earlier than usual, as, I guess, people wanted to get home before roads refroze, but we had guests right up to 7:30.

We still had around 400 volunteers who made it to work, I’m told. We served maybe 2000 people, I’m told. We have a financial count of well over $23,000, with more coming in. (Total last year was approximately $27,000.) Not a bad day!

Once again, even on my 6th Pancake Day, I am amazed. I am amazed at the number of people who come, and how they look forward to it each year. I am amazed at the number of volunteers, and how you who volunteer seem to enjoy it so much. I am amazed at the hospitality that takes place, the interaction between our church members and our guests. And I am amazed at the Pancake Corps (or Committee)—the time they give, the hard work they undertake, the many hours they devote both before and on Pancake Day. It’s about so much more than the money!

So this is a big Thank You to the Corps, to all volunteers, to everyone who did anything to make this, once again, a special day. It will undoubtedly go down in Pancake lore: “Remember the year it snowed…..”

This Second Sunday in Lent we continue our examination of the concept of “covenant” in the Old Testament, reading Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16. And we hear Jesus inviting followers, but informing them that whoever would be his followers must take up their crosses and follow him. (Mark 8:31-38).

I hope you’re reading the Rainbow to Resurrection devotionals. If so, you will come Sunday having read these scripture passages and some reflections on them from members of our church family. Let’s dig once again into the scriptures as we seek the goldmine that they offer. Let’s worship together in ways we can never worship alone.

 See you Sunday as we share the Lenten Journey,


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