Youth Sunday/CDC Staff Recognized

Last night I had the privilege of greeting the parents of our Child Development Center children. I told them that part of the reason I have the best job in the world is the children that grace our building every weekday and the dedicated, loving staff that teach and care for them. I told them the children bring life to our building, and we hope that the children learn and grow through our program.

On Monday 98 children and 18 staff will begin our 56th year of operation in the CDC! Year after year, children come and go…they learn and develop…and one thing I’m convinced they learn is that God is a loving God. They learn that through stories they are told, and in weekly worship, but perhaps, more importantly, they learn it through their everyday relationships with this amazing staff who loves these children mightily! In both services Sunday we’ll commission the staff for another year of service. And in the chairs and pews on Sunday—as with every Sunday—a number of young families will be worshiping who came to us first through the CDC. We are so grateful for them!

And on Sunday, remember, we will have two services—8:40 in the gym and 11:00 in the sanctuary. It will be Youth Sunday, and they will lead the majority of the service. We’ll hear about their summer missions and activities. We’ll be proud once again of them and of their leadership. Please be present Sunday to worship God and as a show of support and encouragement for our youth, who, by the way, are not the church of the future—they are the church now!

On Wednesday afternoon we received word that there had been a shooting in a local church. We locked the building down as a precaution. I’m sure you learned through the media of the death of a veteran suffering from PTSD. When we count the cost of war, it seems to me, we usually list dollars spent and combat deaths. Seldom do we list the number of injuries, it seems, and even less seldom do we name those suffering from PTSD and this terrible kind of cost. A life has ended tragically. A family and friends have lost a loved one. Four officers, it seems, doing their duty to protect us, were drawn into an unavoidable situation, and the cost for them is great too. Please pray for all concerned—for the family, for the officers and their families, for other veterans suffering similar agony.

We live in a beautiful and wonderful world, but not one without pain, darkness, and division. Thanks be to God for the former, and please pray for peace in our lives, in our communities, in our world.

See you Sunday where we pray and work for Christ’s peace,


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