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The mission of First Methodist Child Development Center (FMCDC) is to provide a rich learning environment to stimulate and challenge each child's cognitive, social, emotional and physical development along with care that is supportive, loving and responsive to each child's individual needs.

Creative Curriculum

In a caring and positive environment, we create a warm and happy place for children to develop and learn.  As we bridge the gap from home to school we guide children to a positive self-image while building social skills in an age appropriate, developmental setting.

First Methodist Child Development Center has adopted the "Creative Curriculum".  As a part of the "Creative Curriculum" we want your child to feel secure and independent, to move from one activity to another as easily and confidently as possible.  We want to provide a variety of learning experiences for a well-rounded education.  Based on the theory that children learn through play, classroom routines encourage active involvement, meaning experimentation and reinforcement through repetition.  Schedules are designed to balance structure and free choice, as well as active and quiet times.

Children are learning every minute of the day.  They learn from the way we organize the classroom, from the daily schedule, from activities, and when they play outdoors.  They classrooms are set up for learning.  Children have many opportunities to make choices, come up with idea, experiment, and take responsibility for their work.

When you visit your child's classroom, you see a room full of children playing.  You may wonder what we are doing to help our children learn.  As children play, we watch how they use material.  We listen.  We talk with them to find out what they are thinking and trying to do.  We help children become aware of their actions, offer suggestions, and think about what materials to offer next.  Then we challenge them to think further.  This is how we encourage the development of skills children will need in elementary school.

Parents may gain valuable insights and techniques from the expertise of the staff and at the same time, share their own talents and interests to maintain the excellent quality here at FMCDC.  Learning then becomes a shared experience, which can and should continue throughout each child's developmental and educational process. 

Home and school are a young child's two most important worlds.  Children must bridge these two worlds every day.  If home and school are connected in positive and respectful ways, children feel secure.  Creative Curriculum allows children to make their own choices, become involved, and cooperate with others.

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8:15am-12:00pm (18mo-3yrs)



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