Written by Keith Turman

Looking back to find a way forward…

by Scott Taylor


Written by Ashley Boaeuf, Interim Youth Director

In 2012, I began to wonder if God was calling me into seminary.

Wait -- let me rephrase that: in 2012 I was losing my mind and freaking out because I had this ridiculous, crazy, and very-much-unwanted idea that God might be calling me into seminary.

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Post by Rev. Becky Brown


“Wherever the river goes, everything will live.” -Ezekiel 47:9 

Written by Ashley Boaeuf, Interim Youth Director

MY BIG PLANS. Keith Turman

The plan to be an architect was inspired by my tenth-grade drafting teacher at the Cherokee High School. I can’t remember his name, but I remember his love for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, and still remember the songs he would play in class while we drew at our drafting tables. He actually looked like Bob Segar. His name is probably Bob. I went off to college with this dream in my back pocket.

United State

I heard someone express shame in their Christian faith this week saying that he didn't want to be identified with "those" kinds of Christians.  I know what this person meant by "those:" those evangelical, conservative, Bible-thumpin', gun-totin', ignorant Christians. 

Christians pitted against other Christians?  Lord, have mercy. 


‘Once in a lifetime’ carries a sense of urgency.  It’s a phrase that stirs ‘I don’t want to miss it’ feelings deep inside thoughtful people. Having not been very thoughtful about it, and therefore not giving it much value, we almost missed it. But Ross sat in the back seat and read aloud the results from his Google search. Once in a lifetime. The cab of my truck began stirring. ‘We can’t miss this.’

This appeared in the most recent issues of First Words

Biltmore Starbucks Is this the perfect day?

What I can see of the sky from this porch is perfect. But who says beautiful blue and not a single cloud is the standard? The guy standing knee-deep in the surf trying to catch a fish would look to his left at 6:27 AM and whisper to no one in particular, “perfect sky.” Because the sun knows how to paint clouds and how to escort perfection into a new memory that can never be duplicated.


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