An American Dream

By Scott Taylor



Written by the FUMC Summer Interns

Our summer has only just begun and we have already gotten the opportunity to experience this amazing community we have here at FUMC. We have watched the church congregation love on one another, grow, and support each other through the many events held thus far.


Written by Rev. Keith Turman

Bibletimes Grace

Written by Becky Brown

Ink on a Page. Water in a Bucket. 

Written by Scott Taylor

Just Keep Swimming

Written by Rev. Keith Turman

Reflections on being All In

Written by Becky Brown

Praise the Mount…

Written by Scott Taylor

Costa Rica

Written by Rev. Keith Turman

Before walking up the hill to the breakfast room, we stopped by our sleeping room to grab the breakfast passes. Chan said, “The monkeys are on the roof. Can you hear them?” I definitely heard something over my head. The air conditioner condensation started dripping from the ceiling, which prompted her scream, “Eeew! The monkeys are peeing!” “It’s not monkey pee. It’s the air conditioner.” “Well,” she calmly said, “we should put a towel on the floor.” The white towel immediately turned yellow.

Adrenaline Junkie?

Written by Becky Brown


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