A Place to Pray

by Keith Turman


A restless

Move from lamp to lamp

Just a comfortable place

A good chair actually

To peel away the layers and



What good is the coffee

What good is the quiet

If there is no place to settle

My eyes in enough

Light to hear the



That crack eternity and

Fill the empty space

The Power of Interconnectedness


Written by Rev. Becky Brown

Original Sinner…


Written by Scott Taylor

You should know that I am quite the sinner.  I know it and now you do too!

I hope that some of you can relate.

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Inside Outside Upside Down

Training that will Save the World

Ashes in the Streets

By: Rev. Becky Brown

With Ash Wednesday right around the corner, I’ve been secretly getting excited for one of my favorite seasons in the church year. I love Ash Wednesday and I love Lent. There, I said it! I’m a complete liturgical geek. I have loved Ash Wednesday since I went to my first service before school when I was 16. It’s mysterious, powerfully holy, and strangely evangelistic (if you wear your ashes on your forehead all day at your high school.) 


By Keith Turman

Stillness and Silence

By Rev. Becky Brown

Prone to wander.  Lord, I feel it.

By: Scott Taylor

I am most certainly the youngest son.

 It’s true.  I was the surprise third son sent to my mother and father.  I was the surprise that motivated my father to take steps to ensure that I would remain the youngest son.

"A Resolution Worth Keeping" 

By: Ashley Boaeuf

We are at the cusp of a brand new year, 2018. Its a time of reflection on the events of 2017, and a time of celebration of a fresh new start in a brand new year. As we each look back at everything we lived through this year, we are full of hope and gratitude. Some may be hoping for a far better year ahead. We often take the time in the new year to make promises of self-improvements and create resolutions that we hope will last through the end of January. Even possibly to the first fruits of spring. This time is good for the soul and refreshing for the spirit. 


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