Wood For the Fire

By: Pastor Keith Turman

Written by Ashley Boaeuf, Interim Youth Director

I have always loved a good surprise!

You know the kind I’m talking about — the kind that no one sees coming, but one that has the power to turn a good day into a great day. The kind that catches you off guard and changes your course of direction or thinking. 

Of course, seated right beside Surprise is her nearest relative — my sworn enemy: Anticipation. 

A Lifestyle of Gratitude

- Becky Brown


Written by Keith Turman

Looking back to find a way forward…

by Scott Taylor


Written by Ashley Boaeuf, Interim Youth Director

In 2012, I began to wonder if God was calling me into seminary.

Wait -- let me rephrase that: in 2012 I was losing my mind and freaking out because I had this ridiculous, crazy, and very-much-unwanted idea that God might be calling me into seminary.

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Post by Rev. Becky Brown


“Wherever the river goes, everything will live.” -Ezekiel 47:9 

Written by Ashley Boaeuf, Interim Youth Director

MY BIG PLANS. Keith Turman

The plan to be an architect was inspired by my tenth-grade drafting teacher at the Cherokee High School. I can’t remember his name, but I remember his love for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, and still remember the songs he would play in class while we drew at our drafting tables. He actually looked like Bob Segar. His name is probably Bob. I went off to college with this dream in my back pocket.


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