Our Vision

Toward God’s Vision

A Report from the Vision Team

Through months of prayer, Bible study, and conversation, the Vision Team prepared and sought God’s guidance. Through conversations with the congregation and written input, and through Focus Group deliberations, the vision has been given clarity, and priorities have been identified for our work.

The Mission

We affirm the mission of Waynesville First United Methodist Church to be the living body of Christ,

welcoming ALL…growing in FAITH…engaging the WORLD.

Foundational Convictions

  • Prayer and Biblical formation come first-always!
  • The biblical image of the "Body of Christ" leads us to a principle that is foundational to the life and ministry of the church, that all members of Christ's church are "ministers," each a valued and valuable part of the "body," equipped with a gift or gifts for the good of the whole.
  • The mission statement will be realized when the church intentionally and successfully places a high priority on encouraging, equipping, and empowering persons to use their gifts and follow their passions in service to Christ, the church, and the community/world.  

Strengths We Celebrate and Upon Which We Will Build

  • Children's ministries, including Child Development Center
  • Youth ministries
  • Music and worship ministries
  • Missions support
  • Leadership development, particularly the identification and cultivation of young persons with excellent leadership potential for building up "the body of Christ"
  • Community involvement, including both our participation in the life of the community and opening the doors of our facilities for community concerts, events, and meetings
  • Close connection to Lake Junaluska Assembly and larger United Methodist Church

Unique Opportunities

We are committed to be in ministry with all people. Unique opportunities have been identified to engage with and in ministry in all focus areas: (1) Young adults and young families with children, including single parents, and (2) “Young” retirees, most of whom have relocated here in retirement.

Focus Areas

While there are many areas of ministry within the church, we believe that focusing our efforts in four areas will most effectively move us toward our mission at this time.  These areas are: Radical Hospitality, Engaging Worship, Faith Development, and Missions/Outreach. 

Focus Area Purposes and Priorities

Radical Hospitality (“welcoming ALL…”)

Purpose: To equip and encourage our members to invite, welcome, receive, and care for all individuals so they may encounter the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ.


  • People: Recruiting and training Greeter team to cover parking lots, all entrances to the church, and Connection Points so that every person receives a minimum of two "welcome touches"
  • Facilities: Better signage, visitor parking, greater handicap accessibility, and transportation as needed
  • Community: Improve visibility and invitation (parade, tourist info, signage, etc.)

Engaging Worship (“welcoming ALL…growing in FAITH…”)

Purpose: To glorify God, to nourish the faith of our members, and to provide an invitation and entryway for others to come to faith.


  • Clarify and communicate the unique style, purpose, and vision of each worship experience.
  • Continually research and implement fresh ideas and practices, including use of current technology, to enrich worship.
  • Incorporate the diverse creative gifts of the church and community in all services.
  • Create opportunities for open discussion and introduction to worship for those seeking to know more.

Comprehensive Faith Development (“growing in FAITH…”)

Purpose: To provide substantive opportunities for all to gain a deeper understanding (head and heart) of God and grow in their faith as committed followers of Jesus Christ.


  • Create new opportunities and increase participation in transformational, life-stage-specific Bible study, Sunday School, and small groups for all ages.
  • Involve more people in intergenerational fellowship, study, mentoring, and encouragement.
  • Intentionally address needs of persons facing difficulties in faith journey (among these are divorce, grief, health, financial).

Missions/Outreach (“engaging the WORLD…”)

Purpose: To encourage and equip persons to respond to human need through financial giving as well as “hands-on” experiences in mission in the community and beyond.


  • Sustain strong financial support of selected mission projects
  • Develop opportunities and expectations for participation in "hands-on" mission locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Communicate focus, goals, numbers, and needs and celebrate successes.

The Vision Team:   Bruce Johnson (Chair)  Ron Clauser, Jack Ewing, Betty Lou Hubbard, Susan Kimel, Anna King, Jason Ottie, Jane Wood, Sandy Giles (Sr. Pastor)

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